Youha has received great positive reviews since it was launched in Hong Kong.

In simple terms, it is super cost-effective.

The One Set has all the accessories needed.

There are already 3 breast shields of different sizes (24mm/27mm breast shields and 21mm silicone massage cushions).

In addition to 2 PPSU milk bottles with lids and teats, the pack also includes 1 cooler bag with ice pack, it is very convenient for working mothers to use.

The main motor unit has a one-year maintenance (non human damage), and the accessories can be purchased at any time in our Youha page for replacement.


The One's accessories have passed the tests of CMA Testing and Certification Laboratories and SGS, in compliance with EU standards,

ensuring that they are free of Bis-phenol A(BPA), heavy metals, odors and tastes.

Moreover, the milk bottles are made with imported PPSU material from Germany, with high hardness, heat resistance (up to 180 degrees), and can be boiled and sterilized.


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