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02 Aug 2020

The Common Accessories

Youha Milk Storage Bag Adapters: If your baby is on breastmilk exclusively, you may need to pump a great amount of milk throughout the day. Some mothers may worry that the number of milk bottles for pumping milk is limited, in fact, it can be pumped directly into the milk storage bags. Just simply add Youha milk storage bag adaptors to do it.  1 box contains 2 adaptors. Narrow neck and wide neck respectively. If you are using Youha The One, please select wide neck. Narrow neck: Medela Freestyle, Swing Maxi Wide neck: Youha, Avent, Spectra   Connector/Valve/Breast Shields: All three are consumables. Because the accessories are exposed to the air pressure generated by the pump during the pumping process, and because they are washed more frequently, they are easier to break or crack. Therefore, if you want to be sure you can pump anytime, the best thing is to buy one or two spare parts for replacement.     Check Out Breast Milk Storage Bags Back to Youha Page
02 Aug 2020


The One 奶袋夾: 如果擔心泵奶的奶樽數量有限,其實可以直接泵進奶袋。只要加上The One 奶袋夾就能做到。 1盒有2個奶袋夾。分別有窄口/寬口 – 2款不同口徑嘅奶袋夾可選 窄口:Medela Freestyle, Swing Maxi 寬口:Youha, Avent, Spectra   連接器/鴨嘴/喇叭:這三樣都屬消耗品。因配件在泵奶時會受到泵產生的氣壓,亦因為清洗較頻繁,所以會較容易破損。 所以媽媽如果想做到萬無一失,最好就是多買一兩套備用配件作更換備用。     查看奶袋 返回Youha專頁
02 Aug 2020

Introduction of Youha The One Express Cup

Youha The One Express Cup is true hands-free breast shields, replacing the traditional handheld breast shields. After connecting, simply put it into a Bras with high elasticity (such as the two models of Mother is) No matter you are a working mom or a full-time mom, The One Express Cups bring you great convenience and help you make better use of your time!   Compared with other similar products, Youha The One Express Cups are made of food grade frosted silicone, and it is completely attached to your breasts, while the great texture of silicone gives you great comfort. It's stable and clean, and absolutely not easy to leak.   Youha The One Express Cup is not only convenience, effective, but also very safe in quality. It does not contain any toxic plastics such as bisphenol A(BPA), and phthalic acid di-plasticizer (DEHP). It can also be used with breast pumps from a number of brands, e.g. Youha Spectra (S1, S2, M1, 9+, 9S) Avent (Avent Double Electric Breast Pump) Unimom (Forte) Cimilre (F1, S3, S5) Medela (Lactina, Symphony, Pump in Style Advance, Sonata, Freestyle, Swing Maxi, Swing)   Back to Youha Page
02 Aug 2020

Youha The One Express Cup 簡介

The One Express Cup 是真正的免提喇叭,代替傳統的手持喇叭。 接駁後放進彈性高的胸圍即可 (如Mother is 的兩種高彈性胸圍) 做到真正的handsfree,媽媽就可以一邊泵奶(單邊/雙邊同時泵都可以),一邊做其他野。不論在職媽媽或是全職媽媽,The One Express Cup 都可為您帶來方便,助您更能善用時間!   相比起其他相近的產品,Youha 優合 The One Express Cup 用了食品級磨砂矽膠製造,完全貼在乳房上的喇叭!藉著矽膠較軟的質感給予媽媽更多舒適感,而且更加穩固,絕對不容易有滲漏的情況發生。   Youha The One Express Cup 不但方便、有效,品質上更係十分安全:不含有毒塑料,如雙酚A(BPA)和鄰苯二甲酸二-塑化劑 (DEHP)。 更可配合多款泵奶器一同使用,適用於: Youha Spectra (S1, S2, M1, 9+, 9S) Avent (Avent Double Electric Breast Pump) Unimom (Forte) Cimilre (F1, S3, S5) Medela (Lactina, Symphony, Pump in Style Advance, Sonata, Freestyle, Swing Maxi, Swing)   返回Youha專頁
02 Aug 2020

The Sizes of Breast Shields

Please check the measuring position in the picture +4mm is equal to the ideal breast shield size As long as the measurement is correct, it will fit comfortably The breast shields sizes are: 18mm/19mm/21mm/24mm/27mm/30mm/36mm Silicone massage cushion: 21mm (18mm/19mm breast shields and 21mm massage cushions cannot be used independently, they must be placed inside the 24mm The One breastshields or 24mm Express Cup silicone breast shields [combined] to use)   Back to Youha Page
02 Aug 2020


請查看圖片: 量度位置+4mm等於理想喇叭尺寸 只要量度正確,使用硬喇叭便會合身舒適   喇叭分為:18mm/21mm/24mm/27mm/30mm/36mm 按摩軟墊:21mm (18mm喇叭和21mm按摩軟墊 不能獨立使用,必需放入24mm The One 硬喇叭或24mm Express Cup 矽膠喇叭內 [合體]使用)   返回Youha專頁
02 Aug 2020

Introduction of Youha The One

Youha has received great positive reviews since it was launched in Hong Kong. In simple terms, it is super cost-effective. The One Set has all the accessories needed. There are already 3 breast shields of different sizes (24mm/27mm breast shields and 21mm silicone massage cushions). In addition to 2 PPSU milk bottles with lids and teats, the pack also includes 1 cooler bag with ice pack, it is very convenient for working mothers to use. The main motor unit has a one-year maintenance (non human damage), and the accessories can be purchased at any time in our Youha page for replacement. The One's accessories have passed the tests of CMA Testing and Certification Laboratories and SGS, in compliance with EU standards, ensuring that they are free of Bis-phenol A(BPA), heavy metals, odors and tastes. Moreover, the milk bottles are made with imported PPSU material from Germany, with high hardness, heat resistance (up to 180 degrees), and can be boiled and sterilized.   Back To Youha Page
02 Aug 2020

Youha The One 簡介

Youha 從在香港推出以來都好評如潮,最簡單來說,就是性價比超高。 一個The One Set 就有齊所有配件。一套入面已經有3個不同size的喇叭(24mm/27mm 硬喇叭和21mm按摩軟墊)。 另外除了有2個PPSU 奶樽連蓋及奶咀、還有1個保凍袋及1個藍色冰種,方便上班媽媽使用。 主機有一年保養(非人為損壞),而配件都可以另外在我們Youha分頁中隨時加購作替換。 配件通過香港廠商會檢定中心(CMA)及上海通用檢測認證行(SGS)的測試,符合歐盟標準,確保不含:雙酚A (BPA)、重金屬 (Heavy metal)、氣味和味道 ( odour & tasted test)及全面遷移 (overall migration)。媽媽們可以放心使用,不需要額外購買其他牌子嘅配件。而且跟機奶樽採用左德國入口原料PPSU。(PPSU:具有高硬度,耐熱溫度達180度,可煮沸消毒,瓶子唔會因熱而變形,壽命更長)   返回Youha專頁