Youha Milk Storage Bag Adapters:

If your baby is on breastmilk exclusively, you may need to pump a great amount of milk throughout the day.

Some mothers may worry that the number of milk bottles for pumping milk is limited, in fact, it can be pumped directly into the milk storage bags.

Just simply add Youha milk storage bag adaptors to do it. 

1 box contains 2 adaptors. Narrow neck and wide neck respectively. If you are using Youha The One, please select wide neck.

Narrow neck: Medela Freestyle, Swing Maxi
Wide neck: Youha, Avent, Spectra


Connector/Valve/Breast Shields:

All three are consumables.

Because the accessories are exposed to the air pressure generated by the pump during the pumping process, and because they are washed more frequently, they are easier to break or crack.

Therefore, if you want to be sure you can pump anytime, the best thing is to buy one or two spare parts for replacement.



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