Shopping Guide


-All our prices are in Hong Kong dollars (HKD).

-Some products’ label may be cut off (when the content of the product / label is different because some products were specifically negotiated with manufacturer to be custom-made which would cause the label/product information different from the standard-made product)

-If the product quantity position shows sold out, it means that the product is sold out / restocking.

-Product images & colors may vary slightly depending on the light or the screen settings of each electronic device. Therefore, we recommend comparing the image between multiple computers / smartphones todetermine the actual color of the products. You are also welcome to inquire more information from us.

-A detailed size chart is provided for each product, and the measurement method is by laying the clothing on flat surface to measure with a tolerate scope of ± 3 cm (circle: ± 6 cm).


Discounts/Promotional Offer

-All discounts/promotional offers will not be applied to Cart Add-on Items.

-Membership discounts are at: Premium 2%, VIP 3%, Golden-VIP 5%. The discount can be co-exist with other promotional offers.


-Milky Mama mainly sells stock available only. In order to avoid affecting the process, if we don’t receive payment notification within 24 hours after the order is placed, we will cancel the order without further notice.

-If the order is out of stock, we will contact the customer.

-If the order is returned because the delivery address is unknown, or multiple deliveries were not received, or the recipient refused to provide relevant documents, or the recipient failed to declare the goods or refused to receive the package, etc. 20% of the order amount will be as a handling fee after the order is cancelled.

-If the customer requests to cancel the order after the order is established, we will deduct 5% of the total order amount as a handling fee.(Note: Cancel orders are only available before the product is shipped.)

-From Monday to Saturday we ship out all orders that are paid before 12pm. (Except extreme weather conditions)



-Our store accepts shipping addresses from Hong Kong, Macau, etc. Please refer to the delivery method for details.



-HSBC (Hong Kong) online, Bank of China (Hong Kong) and ATM transfers, cash deposits



-Online credit card payment

-WeChat pay (HKD / RMB)

-Alipay (HKD / RMB)

Please refer to the checkout page for detailed operation procedures.



Please refer to the return policy for details.


Washing Guide:

Dark or bright clothing-be sure to wash it separately, it will inevitably be slightly dis-colored for the first time, which is normal.

It is recommended to turn the clothing inside-out and hand-wash in cold water, and rinse it a few times. After that, you can wash it with other dark clothes.

!! !! Attention! !!

Do not soak the clothing which would cause discoloration. *

Do not use bleach or laundry detergent which contains bleach. *

Especially the clothes are of color matching style (e.g.there are two colors of dark and light on one clothing). * Do not soak. * The light part of the clothes would be dyed.


Cotton, knitted, soft clothing, long skirts-It is recommended to wash with normal temperature water with a laundry bag. If you wash it by hand, please gently wash it without rubbing or twisting it, so as not to damage the clothing fibers which would cause lints.

It is recommended to dry the clothing on a drying rack / on the net and avoid drying with a hanger (easy to cause shoulder-part deformation, lengthening the whole clothing, etc.).